We are committed providing the highest quality ingredients for your health and well being.

Emerald is a health and wellness company dedicated to using natural ingredients to enhance the body and assist people in living a healthier life. We are researchers, developers and health enthusiasts. We want to help everyone, including ourselves, achieve the best possible health. Our flagship brand Pura Vida (which translates Pure Life) has incorporated our love and drive for natural wellness and used that to develop a company with honesty and integrity to improve the health of every one of our customers.

Our Approach

We our consumer brands, we believe in taking a natural approach to health and nutrition. We carefully curate the ingredients in our wellness products with intensive research and development to ensure our products live up to your expectations and bring you the soothing, calming pure life you’re looking for. For example, our unique full spectrum hemp oil is rich in cannabidiol (CBD), making it a wise option for purely natural benefits.

Our goal at Emerald is to bring the highest quality supplements including CBD rich hemp extracts to those who seek an alternative for healthier nutrition without psychoactive effects. All of our products are extensively researched to ensure they are 100% wholesome extracts. Better health for you naturally is the way we live our lives at Emerald and we hope to help you realize the benefits of a healthier life in the most holistic of ways.

You can buy from our brands with complete confidence knowing that every product we create has been formulated with research-proven, science-backed, and completely patented ingredients. These are all certified to be completely pure. We offer time-released supplements to deliver the maximum nutrient absorption and we don’t use any synthetics in the creation of any of our wellness products. We believe artificial ingredients and synthetics defeat the purpose of living a life of wellness and healthfulness. What you get are products designed for your better health and quality of life, pure and simple. That’s our promise.

We observed from our inception that the Hemp and CBD supply chains were immature, limited and fragmented. Sourced product was unreliable and poor quality. So we spent part of last year making sure we had seed to table vertical integration. During that time we also expanded into other cannabinoids. This enables us to bring other cutting edge consumer products and FDA therapies to this booming CBD Industry.

The patented oral adhesion technology, is a slowly degradable protein wafer-disc that attaches to and assimilates with the mouth’s inner lining. This unique and cutting-edge method for nutraceutical and supplement delivery. The fully dissolving wafer-like invention sticks strongly and comfortably the roof of the mouth, cheeks, or gums. This delivery method provides both a rapid release and greater bioavailability when compared to ingestion. The product only uses materials deemed to be Generally Recognized as Safe (“GRAS”) by the United States Food and Drug Administration (the “FDA”). The potential introduction of this technology to our line of products can change the entire dynamics and approach to both our vitamins and supplement markets.