The global drug delivery systems market was valued approximately
US $510 Bn.

Emerald Rx delivery (“Bonsa”) is a one-stop solution that will allow effective communication between patients, doctors and pharmacists. With a tech-driven digital platform, Bonsa’s primary objective is to make the prescription fulfilment process efficient and to educate patients about pharmacy coverage within moments after seeing their doctor — effectively helping patients avoid any treatment delays, as well as saving them time and money.

From statistical data, we realize that the inconvenience people face on a day-to-day basis is real. This inconvenience affects their treatment in more consequential ways than one can imagine. Therefore, Bonsa came out with solutions to these issues of everyday life. Bonsa Health will operate digitally through their HIPAA compliant and secure website and mobile application, allowing patients to access all their medical and insurance information and receive free pharmacist consultations virtually.


Patients avoid wasted trips to the pharmacy that ultimately delays their treatment. Rather than positioning patients on the outside of the healthcare circle—Bonsa gives them an inside out look at the process—offering them the resources to gain approval and choose the pharmacy that best fits their needs and budget before they head out the door. No unexpected surprises or setbacks. Just reliable, predictable, and dependable service from initial prescription order to final pickup or delivery.

➔Uncertainty of insurance coverage after being prescribed medication.

➔Lack of communication between doctor’s office & pharmacy, if medication is not covered.

➔Long wait times at the pharmacy to receive medication. (As per survey, current wait time is approx. 78 mins)

➔Struggle to find the right medication without delaying patient’s therapy, when the patient is not satisfied with the copay price or discounted cash price.

  • Drug requires prior authorization (PA).
  • Medication requires step-by-step therapy.
  • Medication not covered due to non-formulary drug or plan exclusion.
  • Maximum number of refills (or quantity) has exceeded for this prescription.
  • Plan limitations exceeded.
  • Generic drug required or generic-only coverage.
  • Duplicate entry – drug processed at another pharmacy.

Convenient communication between doctors, patients, and pharmacies, helping them avoid back and forth communication and treatment delays.

Technologically advanced communication via one platform, that is the Bonsa tech-portal and mobile app.

Avoid waiting in pharmacy lines and confusion on benefits coverage and copay information.

Discounts and coupons applied to reduce out-of-pocket costs and to give patients the lowest copay in town.

All information on coverage benefits and copay will be given to patients by our pharmacist within minutes of sending your prescription to us.

Patient’s ability to choose from our free same-day prescription delivery service or choose to pick up their medication from your preferred pharmacy location.