Kiosk in Heathrow-Current View

Our Virtual Wellness Center makes access to health and Rx medications easier and more efficient.

Uses the same database as Clear and Global Entry. Matches face to government issued ID in over 140 countries. This enables the Virtual Wellness Center (“VWC”) to dispense both age restricted products and identity restricted products such as Rx medications.


Our patented pending, second generation kiosk expands on the proprietary facial recognition health and wellness kiosks by enable these machines to be virtual medical kiosks. Because the database is HIPAA compliant and can dispense age and identity restricted products, we have enabled a confidential booth on the machine to take your vitals while your have a telemedicine consultation with a doctor. Because we can dispense identity restricted products, the doctor can diagnose, prescribe and in the most common case a patient can receive the prescription right from the virtual wellness center.

Virtual Medical Kiosk will meet all HIPAA privacy compliance.

The ability to delivery the most common Rx right at the kiosk enhances the patient experience.

This allows travelers and others easy access to professional medical assistance.